1 - What is Estilo Livre?

 Estilo Livre is an on demand printing platform that facilitates the creation, sale and distribution of customized products throughout Brazil. We simplify the process and eliminate inventory work, printing and product care. We even deal with customer service; you just sit, create and collect the profits!


2 - What are the benefits of using Estilo Livre?

 The archaic way of managing branded goods is a risky business. You need to pay up front for the inventory without knowing if the design will be popular, you need to guess which sizes and colors are needed and do not know how many items will be sold. We simplify the process and eliminate inventory work, printing and product care. We even deal with customer service; you just sit and collect the profits!




1 - Can I change my personal information?

 To modify your FreeFace personal information, including your password, follow these steps:

Log in to access your account and dashboard.

Click Settings in the toolbar, shown on the left side of the screen.

After making a change, click the Refresh button to save changes to the system.



1 - How can I start a new campaign?

Just go CREATE on your dashboard.


2 - How much does it cost to launch a campaign?

Its free! The cost of producing and distributing your item is built into the price to your buyers. That means it is risk free for you.


3 - What file types can I use when I upload my design?

A .png file is the best choice, but the .jpg files are also completely acceptable. Do not worry, we?ll evaluate your print-quality design in mind.


4 - Can I start a project and finalize it later?

Of course! Just create an account and go back to your project in progress later.


5 - I do not have a design! You can help?

Of course, contact us.


6 - What kind of Estilo Livre profit do you get from each campaign?

We make a flat rate of each item you sell. Thats it. Do not worry - it?s built into the price that we quote when you create your item.


7 - When do I get my profits?

Profits are settled 14 days after the end of the campaign. Once you request a payment, we will complete the transfer within one business day.


8 - How long do the campaigns last?

Choose to run your 07 day campaign. But remember: if your items are for a time-sensitive event, make sure your campaign ends 14 days before it occurs. Your items should still be printed and delivered.


9 - Can I use someone else?s design on the item I create?

If you receive the written permission of the original designer, yes. Otherwise, the project must be changed until it is substantially different from that original project.


10 - Can I protect a design I?ve created?

Estilo Livre can not provide legal advice, but you may independently seek a copyright or trademark.


11 - Can you give me some examples of images and logos that I can not use?

Of course! Violation claims may be centered on the use of images and logos of TV shows, movies, sports teams, bands and more.


12 - What do I do if I see my intellectual property used in a Estilo Livre campaign without my permission?

Please follow the instructions in the terms of service. We will tell the Estilo Livre client that you believe you are infringing on your intellectual property in your communications, with instructions to contact you for a resolution. If you do not receive contact or the problem is not resolved, please contact us. In addition, Estilo Livre may stop a campaign and refund purchases at our discretion.


13 - What is a removal request?

If someone alleges that your intellectual property is being infringed, we may request that you resolve the claim with the person making the claim. If you can not contact this person or do not resolve the complaint, Estilo Livre can stop the campaign. Several complaints may lead to the ban on our site.


14 - If I use the Estilo Livre clip art in my design, will the design be mine?

The design will belong to Estilo Livre, but you can use the design on items that will be purchased through a Estilo Livre campaign.


15 - What is DTG and when is it used?

Direct to Clothing (DTG) is a lower-cost alternative to screen printing when filling low volume orders and also allows greater freedom of design as there are no color restrictions. If your campaign sells 9 or fewer items or the design has 10 or more colors, it will be automatically printed as DTG.




1 - When will I receive my order?

 Orders will arrive between 10 and 21 days after the end of the campaign.


2 - How much will it cost to send my order?

 The freight amount is calculated directly on the order page according to your zip code.


3 - What forms of payment?

 We accept credit and debit cards, bank boleto, deposit account and PayPal.


4 - My order is late.

 Contact us.


5 - Can I cancel my order?

We can only process cancellations for active campaigns. Call us or send us an email with the details of your order and we will issue a full refund. NOTE: You can not cancel orders as soon as the offer is closed and the printing process starts. Please see our return policy for returns and refunds.